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Hand to the Land teams up with Country Education Foundation to support mental health education in rural and regional Australia.

The Walker Family lost their sister and daughter, Jessica to suicide and know all too well the devastating impact that mental health challenges can have on individuals and their families.

Twenty years on, current statistics reveal that mental health challenges are likely to affect every individual in Australia, either directly or indirectly at some point in their life.

When someone faces these challenges, it’s often the immediate support network, comprising of family, friends, colleagues and their community who become the crucial ‘first responders.’ The ability to discuss mental health openly, backed by confidence and knowledge, is a vital skill for everyone in the community – even more so in rural and regional areas where these resources are not readily available.

#handtotheland is an initiative of Jessica’s sister, Victoria, to raise funds to support the Country Education Foundation (CEF) in raising awareness to improve mental health literacy through CEF’s rural and regional network.

Together we will assist rural and regional communities now and into the future. We believe strongly in the positive and far-reaching community impact of improved mental health literacy in rural and regional areas.

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Katie Walker, Jessica’s loving mother, is also on the CEF board,  a founding member and Secretary of CEF Yass Valley. Katie is committed to rural and regional youth and with her daughter Victoria, advocates for Mental Health Literacy and improving access to services in our regional communities through the Hand to the Land initiative.




CEF and our network of local foundations and incredible volunteers have been helping rural and regional youth for more than 30 years.

Below are some of our students stories –  there is no better way for you to understand the impact you can have than to hear it from those whose lives have been changed.