Each year we work closely with our partners to provide scholarships in addition to our local grants. To apply for a CEF National Scholarship, you will need to apply through your local foundation, and they will assess your eligibility and forward to the CEF national office for review.

The following scholarships are available for 2018

Audi Scholarships – Courtesy of the Audi Foundation

4 x $2,500 scholarships for 2018 study / Applications close December 22, 2017

Available for any study related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) including apprenticeships, VET or university study.

Kirby Engineering Scholarships  Courtesy of the James N. Kirby Foundation

8 x $5,000 scholarships for 2018 study / Applications close December 22, 2017

Available for any engineering or technical trade study, including apprenticeships, VET or university study.

McLean Scholarship Courtesy of the McLean Foundation

1 x $15,000 scholarship – $5,000 per year for 3 years / Applications now closed

Only available for students completing Year 12 at Broken Hill High School or Willyama High School and applying for a university degree.

St Andrews College Scholarships In partnership with St Andrews College, Sydney

5 x $7,000 scholarships for 2018 study / Applications close December 31, 2017

Available for students accepted into St Andrews College, Sydney who have been awarded a CEF grant.

Meet our current McLean Scholars

Tayla Solomon - 2016-2018

Bachelor of Nursing - La Trobe University

I really enjoyed my placement, and wished it never ended. Although the hours were tough, the days went so fast and I felt like I learnt so much in just a short period of time. I have not used my funds this year, but I will soon need them for my textbooks and support for me on placement, as my next placements are away from home.

Shannon Graham - 2017-2019

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science - University of Adelaide

The funds from this scholarship have been extraordinarily helpful this year and I am so grateful to have received such an enabling scholarship. The funds relieved much pressure off my mother and I and allowed me to spend money on other necessary things such as textbooks for the upcoming semester.

Claire Pascoe - 2017-2019

Bachelor of Psychology - University of Newcastle

Receiving the funds from this scholarship has honestly made this move from Broken Hill possible for me. I used the funds toward my rental payments and this has allowed me to live in a beautiful home where I feel comfortable and at home. I am forever grateful the McLean Foundation's generosity.

Sophie Nelson - 2018-2020

Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health - University of Wollongong

After I heard I was successful the McLeans called me. It’s nice to have a rapport, and more of a relationship with who this money has come from. It has given a face to a name. This funding is a big chunk off my accommodation costs, and a lot of stress off mine and my mum's shoulders.