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Miss Duncan determined to make a difference

By October 5, 2021No Comments

“I hope to one day return to Moree after my studies so I can contribute to my community and to the school.”

Local foundation:
CEF Moree

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Macquarie University

Year of study:
1st Year

Additional funding:
Waratah Education Foundation

Alyssa Duncan is a young woman from Moree NSW with many talents. She was School Captain at Moree Secondary College and a successful public speaker.

She is a creative – a performer, dancer and writer. And is always eager to try new things, especially in the kitchen.

Alyssa is incredibly kind and compassionate, looking out for friends and family at every opportunity. Simply checking in, just to see how they are.

It is these traits, along with her warm and calm nature and passion for learning that will make her an exceptional teacher. Now in her first year of a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Macquarie University, she is destined to empower and inspire all the young people that cross her path.

I never knew what I wanted to study until I actually began the HSC, but I always knew I wanted to go to university.


One day as I was sitting in class and my teacher was in front of us, it clicked. I wanted to be a teacher. And from that moment on I strived to become a teacher like my own.

I hope to make a change in the education system for students and make school a place where students are not only happy to be there, but are keen to be there.

I hope that alongside educating them and sharing my knowledge, that I can also inspire them to pursue their dream careers and encourage them to become wise and strong future leaders.

Teaching and learning is extremely important to me and without it, whether inside school or otherwise, it helps us to grow as people and learn from one another.


I came across Country Education Foundation (CEF) in my final year at school through my wonderful careers advisor at Moree Secondary College. She helped me and many other students with applying for CEF scholarships and grants. I was lucky to be shortlisted but did not receive the initial grant, but I am glad it went to one of the other very well deserving candidates in my grade.

However, I was incredibly grateful when I was given the chance to interview for a different grant which I was awarded. Without the help and support of CEF and  the local CEF Moree foundation I would not feel financially stable while at university.

They provide me with the funds to pay for textbooks, new technology and other items I need for my education, without those funds university gets pretty expensive.

I’m very grateful that I have Country Education Foundation and Waratah Education Foundation to support me as a rural student and allow me to continue being the best version of myself.


Being from a country town allows a perspective on education that isn’t often thought about and I’d like to show that even though we may not have the same resources and opportunities as schools in the city, that we can do anything.

I love my town, the people I grew up with and my school, Moree Secondary College. It allowed me to be the best version of myself and I hope than when I return, I get to teach and provide for my students what my teachers provided for me.

Regional and rural towns like Moree are always looking for educators and it would make me so proud to be teaching at Moree.

To be able to go back home after my time at university I would feel content and grateful, as I started my teaching journey in Moree, that is where I would like to continue it.

Waratah Education Foundation is an independent charity dedicated to supporting educational opportunities for kids in Australia.
They believe education is the fuel for progress in every community and society. Through their work, they hope to create a better future.


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