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Google the terms ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ and you will discover many definitions  outlined by the many branding experts across the globe. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of information and debate around semantics.

One of the simplest descriptions of what a brand is, and what it means for a business, is that a brand is “the gut feel” your audience has about your organisation.

Much like meeting someone new or maybe someone you have heard a little about, your gut feel is created by your interaction and your experience with that person.

You build this gut feel by crafting the CEF brand experience and a culture that is consistent and authentic.

We want that person to see us in a positive light, be eager to engage with us and  ultimately spread the word of CEF.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are individuals who represent and talk about your organisation in a positive way, preferably in front of lots of potential donors, students and volunteers.

Our students are the ideal example of ‘proof in the pudding’. They embody the CEF brand values and demonstrate the value of further education for rural and regional youth.

Our student and alumni stories are gold and should be shared both locally and nationally. The ‘Tell us your Story’ form is an easy way you can capture profiles and photos of CEF students and alumni. Simply send them this link to complete and submit to the CEF Alumni inbox.

You might consider inviting your Ambassadors to speak at your local schools or invite them to events to speak about their experience with CEF.

We are very proud of what they are achieving.

Defining a brand

Our Purpose

Why do we exist?

Our Identity

Our logo, colours and font.

Our Voice

Our tone and language style

Our Passion

CEF story and beliefs

Our Association

Where are we seen and with whom?

Building your brand

Once you have articulated your brand you can start building your brand by applying these components across all your touchpoints for your stakeholders.

Each of these touchpoints play a role in the stakeholder experience with CEF and depending on where they are on their journey of engagement the significance of the touch point may differ.

When you are consistent across all touchpoints you will build a brand that increases recognition and fosters trust with our students, partners, donors and staff.

You can find the CEF styleguide to help you here