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CEF Scholarships Guide - Take the next step.

There’s a scholarship for everyone and everything – you and your career dreams included! Don’t be put off thinking you won’t be successful because there are 4300-plus scholarships in Australia going begging for you to have a crack at.

For instance . . .

Is the organ your instrument of choice? The FW & EG Harmer Memorial Scholarship Fund, Queensland Conservatorium and St John’s Cathedral Organ Scholar is available through Griffith University.

Or maybe you have a passion for sustainability in natural and agricultural systems…..how about this scholarship; Rural Sustainability Scholarship.

Want to keep it rural? The Rural Agricultural Society has scholarships covering dairy, wine, rural journalism and a range of other vocational studies.

Or maybe elite sport is your thing?

Luckily you have come to the right place because… not only do we have thousands of scholarships from major unis, there are also scholarships for to vocational education and training and other learning opportunities RIGHT HERE for you. We have tips and tricks for a successful application, as well as a fun quiz to see what you’re best suited to study, PLUS blogs written by successful scholarship applicants to give you the extra motivation you need to back yourself and fill in those forms.

You have to be academic to get a scholarship: While some scholarships are based on academic merit, others look at leadership, sporting achievements or community involvement. There are also scholarships focused on specific criteria, including financial disadvantage and hardship, indigenous background and students affected by remoteness and distance.

So many people go for them, you would never have a chance: In fact, lots of scholarships are not filled every year because people simply haven’t applied for them. You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

You have to be good at essay writing: Some scholarship applications will require you to write an essay, but many don’t. It’s more important that you express yourself clearly: your abilities, qualifications, goals, interests, etc. Read the instructions carefully and answer the questions in simple and clear sentences. Use relevant experience to illustrate your skills.

Application Top Tips

  • Check your eligibility: Writing an application takes a bit of time so first up make sure you are eligible for the scholarships you want to apply for. Some scholarships are based on certain criteria such as gender, ethnicity, your chosen course of study, disability, financial situation or where you live. Read the eligibility criteria carefully to make sure you are definitely suitable to apply for the scholarship.
  • Know the closing date: Don’t wait until the last minute or try and rush through an application when you are in the middle of exams. Give yourself plenty of time to search for scholarships you may be eligible for and make a list of the closing dates so you can plan ahead and put together the best application you can.
  • Address the criteria: Scholarship applications will need a range of information, from financial details through to your academic and social achievements. Ensure you meet and address all the criteria in your application.
  • Use the help around you: Tap into your school and community network to get help with the application process. Your high school careers advisor is a great place to start. Often they will receive information and guides on scholarship opportunities. If you know which institution you will be studying at, check if they have a scholarship officer you can get in touch with. If you are a CEF grant recipient you can ask a member of your local committee for help with your application. And remember to get someone else to read over your application for any errors.
  • Apply, apply, apply: You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, so make the most of the opportunities. Remember, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know.

Search for a Scholarship

A scholarship can help you get on your way to achieving your further study dreams by covering the costs of textbooks, course fees, equipment, accommodation and living costs. Search and apply for scholarships right here with the CEF Scholarships Guide. And remember, you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

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