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Country Education Foundation (CEF) is a national not-for-profit organisation helping rural and regional youth access education, training and jobs through grants, scholarships, support services and resources.

A community based organisation

CEF’s local foundations across the country are run by community volunteers all with one thing in common – a passion for seeing rural and regional youth succeed.

Local foundations engage in fundraising to provide local grants and scholarships to youth in their areas. As an organisation that applies for no government funding, we can proudly claim that we are run by a committed group of family, friends and community.

CEF’s national office, based in Orange, NSW, provides financial support, training and resources to this family of local foundations through seed funding, student support resources, volunteer resources, governance and compliance services, accounting, technology, event management and advocacy.

We also partner with tertiary institutions and corporate and philanthropic organisations across the country to provide additional funding and support to CEF local grant and scholarship recipients.

Financial support and more

We offers grants of varying amounts based on need and determination which helps buy textbooks and laptops for uni students, purchase tools and equipment for apprentices and assists rural and regional youth to relocate to take up career opportunities.

However, CEF provides a lot more than just grants. We also support and mentor students throughout their studies or apprenticeships. For most students, this community support is just as important as the financial assistance. It’s about knowing that their community is backing them and believes in their aspirations.

Introduction to CEF

Support us

Our important work relies on corporate and private philanthropy and donations.

You can directly contribute to the futures of young Australians by making a tax deductible donation

Or by contacting CEF on 1300 652 144.


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