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CEF is passionate about working with partners, donors and supporters from all walks of life and areas of business who share our passion for equality in rural and regional education.

Below are some examples of different ways in which businesses are contributing to the impact of CEF.

Some services that CEF would love your support on include:

  • Legal services
  • Marketing support
  • Social media expertise
  • Organisational strategy planning and support
  • Advertising
  • Travel assistance
  • Printing

If you offer any other services or have expertise that you feel CEF would benefit from, please be sure to reach out!


Pro bono offerings are services or expertise that your company or staff can offer to CEF at no cost. This is a fantastic way to show your support for a cause you believe in, and to increase goodwill for your business. As a small, not-for-profit charity with limited resources and a committment to keeping overhead and administrative costs low, any such support is very welcome.

Boyce Chartered Accountants is an industry leading professional services firm with offices in the major NSW regional centres of Cooma, Dubbo, Goulburn, Moree and Wagga Wagga. They strive to not simply make your business compliant, but truly aim to make it the most successful it can be. Whether it is through business and accounting services, education and knowledge sharing, the simplification of financial matters or by allowing you to spend more time with your family.

Boyce has a long history of supporting CEF with pro bono accounting services and conduct our annual financial audits.

We believe in investing back in our communities at Boyce and have been privileged to do so with our charity partner CEF for the past 15 years.

Jonathan Forrest, Boyce Chartered Accountants Director


We know that offering services and expertise for free for many companies is difficult, so offering discounts or special not-for-profit rates is another smart way to get involved with a great cause and make a difference. Many companies who do a lot of service work in the charity sector offer this option to their customers. This is a particularly smart option if you are a smaller business but still want to show your support.

Boxercox is an ideas company that conceives and produces bespoke creative solutions for advertising, design and brand problems.

Established in 2009 by highly regarded advertising creative directors Jen Boxer and Simon Cox. Between them they have 50 years of experience working in design and advertising agencies in the Australian, Asian, European and North American markets. Boxercox believes in simple accessible ideas that are exceptionally crafted. Their style is empathetic, intuitive, imaginative and idealistic.

Boxercox provides web design, support and development assistance to CEF at a reduced rate.

The work that they do to support young Australians to take that step into tertiary education is so valuable. It has been a pleasure to work to create functional processes online that support well-branded marketing programs to generate donations as well as to streamline the processes for their foundations to collect applications online. Extensive online forms and links to CRM systems means it’s easy for any students, anywhere, to apply without fear that their remote locations would hinder the process. Supporting the CEF team so that they are able to update and add content to their site themselves is a joy, due to their go-to attitudes and amazing adaptability. They are all now web gurus!

Jen Boxer, Boxercox Co-Owner

To talk about services you can offer to help CEF contact us on (02) 6362 3162 or [email protected]