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Sunday inspiration! 💛💙

As our grant rounds close for 2021, Thomson from Broken Hill reminds us just how important CEF support can be 😍

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🌟Make the most of every opportunity and put yourself out there. Try new things and make plenty of new friends. 👫

🌟Look for scholarships and financial support. It is out there, you just need to take to the time to research and apply.🎓

🌟Rural and regional students are amazing! And just as capable, intelligent and awesome as city peeps.😎

These are just some of the words of wisdom from our very own students. Just left home to study and feeling a little overwhelmed❓ Read on for more from those in the know - students who have been there.

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Advice from University of Sydney student Dana for students wanting to head to university from a regional town. 💻📚️

“Work hard, try your best and if at first you don’t succeed…try again.”

Check out this video and others via Make It Possible Videos. Link in Bio.

Sunday inspiration! 💙💛

Check out this very smart advice from Joseph, a CEFGrenfell
grant recipient.

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CEF is excited to announce the support of a great new training provider!

Careerhouse was launched in January this year and offers online, industry-relevant courses. They are not like other education providers. They aim to offer a holistic, practical and hands-on approach to help set students up for success in the real world. They also offer 100 hardship scholarship places each year – a perfect opportunity for our regional youth!

The team at Careerhouse share our passion for rural and regional education and, like us, understand the importance of ALL types of education after school.

We look forward to achieving great outcomes with Careerhouse.

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Sunday inspiration!💙💛

Wise words from Hannah, a Country Education Foundation of Cowra grant recipient.

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The independence that comes with leaving home for the first time is exciting – you can do what you want, when you want, but it can also be a little scary.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here we provide you with some of the #adulting basics you will need to thrive in the real world. Check out our latest #Blog, link in bio.

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Appreciation Post!

CEF would like to share our heart-felt thanks to Richard Rains, a volunteer, non-executive director of the CEF Board that has recently retired from his position. Since his appointment in 2016 he has brought a wealth of charm, humour and expertise to the organisation, also serving as the Chair of our Fundraising and Marketing sub-committee. Thank you Richard for your commitment and passion for the education of rural and regional youth and the work of CEF.

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“CEF shows rural and regional students there are ways to afford tertiary study expenses and secondly, that their community wants to help them and believes in their abilities." Erin - Temora, NSW. Read Erin's story in our latest #Blog. Link in bio

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It’s fun to get caught up in the hype of ‘O Week’ but have you thought about how you want to spend your year? If you have, great – if not, here are our top 8 tips for making the most of it.

Embrace where you’ll be calling home for at least the next three years. Find the best beaches, restaurants, hang-outs and insta-worthy spots – there will be so much to see and to explore.

Colour runs, sports, mentoring or that club you find that finally has other people who like the same weird thing you do. Try news things and embrace the freedom to find out who YOU are.

Coffee, tea, whatever your poison, go on the hunt for your favourite beverage and new chill out sanctuary.
Soon enough they will know your order… and your name.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions you don’t know the answers to, there are people around to help, and you won’t be the only one figuring out this new life.

Find your new campus hangout. Is it outside or inside? Do you like it busy or quiet? Whatever spot or time of day that makes you happy and productive – claim it. Oh, and remember you can have a few favourites.

There’s no point continuing on with something you hate or just don’t get.
There is no set road ahead, you can change your mind if the course you THOUGHT you would love just isn’t you after all.

It can be anything – painting, running, computer games, photography – but take some time to do find and do the things you really love doing. Study is important, but following your hobbies and interests are just as important.

Make sure you sleep, study and hand things in on time. But remember, your world won’t end if you decide to have a laugh and chill out. In fact, it’s also pretty important.

Check out our #Blog (link in bio) for more tips and #realstudentadvice

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Taking a gap year? Considering a gap year, or know someone who is? The Gap Year Guide is full of easy and helpful info, like tips from current students, podcasts, videos, planning tools and much more! 😃
Rural and regional students and parents - You can check it all out for yourself using the link below. SUBSCRIBE FOR MONTHLY UPDATES! 💻

From the Adelaide Hills, to Fiji, to New Zealand's South Island...work and travel were top priorities for Chelsea when she chose to study Veterinary Science with help from CEF. 🐏🐄👩‍⚕️

Read her story in our latest #Blog ...link in bio

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“Anyone from a regional or rural area who wants to continue their studies – just go for it! Be brave enough to take that first step and the rest will come easy enough if you really want it.”

Penny, who grew up in #Deniliquin is an inspiration for all rural and regional students wanting to further their #education and give back to their community 🤩 She plans to dedicate herself to a career in medicine to ensure that rural and remote communities receive adequate health care, treatment and services. Read her story in our latest #Blog link in bio

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After the year that 2020 has been, we are taking a well deserved break and spending time to connect with our families, friends and loved ones...however that may be! We wish you all a safe and happy festive season and we'll see you for a bigger and brighter 2021! 💝 ...

Having moved to Australia in 2008, Hareem’s family settled into the Far West NSW town of Lightening Ridge. With an importance placed on education by her parents and with support from #CEFWalgett, she is now studying Biomedicine at #MonashUniversity

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New inspirational video alert 🚨💛

Deme from Forster-Tuncurry on her speech pathology study journey and the rewards of sticking with it! ✨
Link in bio. Visit our Make it Possible hub for more inspiration, help and advice on post school education for regional and rural students.

You are more than you ATAR 💛

Congratulations if you've received that magic number and it was what you were hoping for 🤩

If not, don't fear! We and most of the uni's we work with know that you are more than just a number and there are still paths to get you where you want to be 😎👉👩‍🎓

Check out our #Blog to investigate alternative options. Link in Bio.

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Join us in the Barossa in April 2021!

Registrations are now open for the National Conference for Regional, Rural and Remote Education 2021. The conference will share creative initiatives, current best practices in schools and universities, and academic research to improve educational outcomes for rural, regional and remote communities.

Register at https://www.ncrrre.org.au/

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We have teamed up with #angusbarrettsaddlery to provide a unique mentorship opportunity in Orange NSW. Read Angus' story and why he is wanting to 'give back' and mentor a "kid from the bush". Link to #Blog in bio

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