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Media and publicity work together. Media: the fourth estate is not strictly a promotion arm. Media language is delicately different in its approach to the advertising and promotional fields of engagement.

Media communication is an opportunity for your foundation to raise your profile locally without the need for advertising.

CEF provides a great story for the local young people and the wider community and here you will find tips on engaging your local media.

Know your local media

Understand who the key players are in your community and reach out to them with all the relevant details about your event or occasion and organise an introduction to pitch it to them.

Here are some tips to getting to know your media.

Five W’s and the H

A media release is a great way to pitch a story to your local media. We have outlined the ‘Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’ framework of a media release here.

Contact your local media outlet for a contact, if you don’t already have one, and email the release with the appropriate attachments.

Media Waiver

You have your image and your quotes, now you need your media waiver. This is an agreement between your foundation and the individual in question permitting you to reproduce.

You can customise this agreement here.

Ideas to generate publicity

Local media are always looking for interesting and relevant stories within the community.

Be sure to notify the media of your fundraising events, applications open, announcing your recipients, notable local donations, student stories and AGM.

Make use of the great content being created nationally; media releases, student stories, USG and the Scholarships Guide. Don’t forget Percy the Pig!

Looking for more event ideas? Head to ourevents section here

From August to November 2019 we collectively generated publicity valued at over $200,000