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What is Pig Push?

In March 2017 a group of people from Boorowa, NSW set themselves and their town a task – to push a giant model pig 200kms from Boorowa to Orange, NSW. Why?! To raise money for the Country Education Foundation of Australia.

This year we’re DOING IT AGAIN, but this time we’re taking Percy (the giant model pig) home to Boorowa and calling on a few extra hands (and legs) to help out on the roadtrip. Percy needs to be home for the 25th Birthday of CEF!

CEF knows young Australians in rural, regional and remote areas are as bright and ambitious as those living in metropolitan centres, but when it comes to higher education and jobs, young people from the bush face challenges that many of their city counterparts may not share.

CEF – with the help of Percy and his pushers – is working to close that gap, and make opportunities equal for all through grants, scholarships, mentoring and support.


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The Tally

Pig Push is aiming for $50,000 in donations. The bar below shows how far we are towards that goal.




Currently we have raised $50,234!

Each teams’ tally bar is pictured below so you can see how they are going with their donations. Give your team a push in the race for our target of $50,000!

[gfchart id=”14099″]

The Teams

Day 1: 8th April
Sponsored by

Long Track Pantry

Day 2: 9th April

Redheads Galore

Sponsored by

Boorowa Real Estate

Day 3: 10th April

Boorowa Goldies

Sponsored by

Graincorp and Alinta Energy

Day 4: 11th April

Weekend Warriors

Sponsored by

Life Pharmacy Group and Fugen Constructions

Day 5: 12th April
Sponsored by

MH Premium Farms and Kennys Creek Angus

Day 6: 13th April
Sponsored by

Boyce Chartered Accountants and Windridge Farms

Day 7: 14th April

The Boorowa Girls

Sponsored by

Birdsall Leather Craft and Boorowa Hotel

Our Major Sponsor

Where Percy will be

Pushing Day 1: 8th April 2018

Date: Sunday 8th April 2018
Start Point: Robertson Park, Lords Place
Finish Line: Nashdale Public School

Teams: CEF + Friends

Pushing Day 2: 9th April 2018

Date: Monday 9th April 2018
Start Point: Nashdale Public School
Finish Line: Cargo Inn, Cargo

Teams: Redheads Galore

Pushing Day 3: 10th April 2018

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018
Start Point: Cargo Inn, Cargo
Finish Line: Canowindra Hotel

Teams: Boorowa Goldies /  Team GrainCorp

Pushing Day 4: 11th April 2018

Date: Wednesday 11th April 2018
Start Point: Canowindra Hotel
Finish Line: Cowra Hotel

Teams: 40 & Fit / Weekend Warriors

Pushing Day 5: 12th April 2018

Date: Thursday 12th April 2018
Start Point: Cowra Hotel
Finish Line: Frogmore Road Intersection

Teams: Fit Farmers / Shearers

Pushing Day 6: 13th April 2018

Date: Friday 13th April 2018
Start Point: Frogmore Road
Finish Line: Darby’s Falls Road

Teams: Pigs in Mud

Pushing Day 7: 14th April 2018

Date: Friday 13th April 2018
Start Point: Frogmore (Darby’s Falls Road)
Finish Line: Boorowa

Teams: City Slickers / The Boorowa Girls

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