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Like many CEF supported students, Charlotte grew up on the family farm. In her case, this was about 25km outside of the small town of Gulargambone in NSW, set on the tree lined banks of the Castlereagh River with a population of only about 400 people.


Local Foundation:
Country Education Foundation of Gulargambone

University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

CEF – St Andrews Scholarship

National funding:
A private philanthopic foundation


Now heading into her 2nd year of a combined Law and Arts degree majoring in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, Charlotte is loving her study saying ‘it challenges my thinking and I feel as if I am becoming a more critical thinker’.

Her proudest moment of 2020 was receiving the Colin Biggers and Paisley Lawyers Scholarship for Community Service and Outstanding Academic Achievement, an accolade that in turn landed her a job with the firm.

In particular, she says she loved psychology and learning about human behaviour, and like many nowadays influenced by popular TV, she really enjoyed her criminal law subject saying “it is very interesting learning about criminals and their minds.”

She has been supported by CEF Gulargambone, CEF national partner funding from a private philanthropic organisation and a St Andrews – CEF accommodation scholarship at this critical stage of her education. She says the volunteers from Gulargambone ‘have been awesome and I feel very lucky to have them’.

The financial grant helped pay for textbooks and the scholarship has helped ‘immensely’ with her accommodation at St Andrews College, a place she has now made her home.

The grant and scholarship eased the financial pressure heavily and I will be forever grateful for that.


Charlotte was excited to make the netball, soccer and athletics teams for St Andrews College. Training and games have been fun, and she feels ‘very lucky to be part of a fun sporting culture’.

She says St Andrews College is a great place to live and socialise, and has enabled her to meet new people and make some wonderful friends.

These new friends are the thing she missed most when returning home to study during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is with the experiences of the last 12 months that Charlotte gives the following advice to other rural and regional students about to embark on the next stage of their lives. “Know that everything will be ok in the end! Believe in yourself, back your abilities and take every opportunity with both hands.”

This is exactly what Charlotte is doing, leading by example. And the result of this wise advice and experience is clear.

She says, ‘to be honest, I have loved every minute of my last year and would not change a thing’.

I feel grateful to be part of such a great community and I am embracing every opportunity.

Best playlist for concentrating?
Sleep music

Favourite place for coffee or tea?
At home in our kitchen

Last book you read?
The Happiest Man on Earth, Eddie Jaku

Fantasy study group?
To be honest, probably just 5 of my closest friends

How would you spend you last $10?
On someone else


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