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Margaret is Simply Outstanding

By October 20, 2021November 11th, 2021No Comments

It is no secret that CEF’s impact is attributed to the dedication and efforts of our local foundations. To recognise and celebrate the tireless work of our dedicated volunteers, in 2016 we introduced the Katie Walker Outstanding Service Award.

Katie Walker is a founding director of CEF and has volunteered many, many hours to get CEF where it is today. While the award is traditionally peer-nominated, this year, we also received nominations from those who benefit the most, our recipients. We know the nominated volunteers are all worthy, however, one stood out. With multiple nominations and demonstrated outstanding service through a very tough period we have a new recipient for 2021.

2021 Katie Walker Outstanding Service Award Winner

Margaret Carey

Country Education Foundation of Grenfell


Margaret was instrumental in the establishment of CEF Grenfell. In 2014 when Margaret was Principal at The Henry Lawson High School, the realisation of a local CEF took shape.

Since its inception in 2017 Margaret has served as Secretary of CEF Grenfell. Over the past four years 98 grants have been awarded and over $113,000 distributed to students within the Weddin Shire.

Margaret “seasonally” publishes the newsletter that informs the wider community of the achievements and challenges faced by past and present recipients.

“Margaret demonstrates the fundamentals of CEF through her passion and commitment to her students as individuals and to the community as a whole.”

Katie Walker
CEF Founding Director

Investing in our young people is the best investment in our future. They are inspirational and who motivate me to keep on going.

Margaret Carey, CEF Grenfell


Margaret is passionate and has the drive to motivate and support her local youth. It is with grace and candour Margaret deals with recipient adversity where COVID restrictions and financial hardship have placed ongoing pressure on families.

Regardless of her geographical location Margaret follows the paths of all recipients. She is highly skilled at matching their educational needs with additional opportunity.

Student wellbeing is at the heart of her every action. Thanks to the mentor program inspired by Margaret, Grenfell recipients are supported and mentored by individual committee members.

Margaret has been a great help not only with the organisational aspects of CEF and introducing it to me, but also by staying in touch and always making sure that I’m doing well.

Ethan EylesBachelor of Education Technology and Applied Studies

I first met Margaret when she was the Principal at the Henry Lawson High School. Her passion for education and for guiding the youth towards their goals has stayed with me throughout my secondary and university education. I can't think of a better person to receive this award.

Kate RobinsonBachelor of Engineering (Civil)

Thank you, Ms Carey, for your ongoing support for our studies and for taking the time to check on our individual wellbeing. I personally appreciated your kindness when our family was going through challenging times this year. We appreciate your commitment to the students of our region and all your hard work to fundraise and organise events for CEF Grenfell. I really appreciate all that you’ve done

Bridget BakerBachelor of Medical Science

In 2019 I had resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to afford university accommodation and that I would need to take a break from study. I had accepted this and given up, but Margaret Carey didn’t. She managed to get me a scholarship that covered the accommodation costs and I could not be more grateful. Margaret believes that everyone should have opportunities and that we shouldn’t be disadvantaged by being from a small country town. Since 2019 she has always advocated for us, as students, and supported us through financial aid. And she is always just happy to chat! If it wasn’t for Margaret I wouldn’t be where I am today and I will never forget everything she has done for me.

Aiden SkinnerBachelor of Medical Radiation Science

As a CEF grant recipient I have been given endless support and encouragement every step of the way. With my father falling ill early last year, Margret took the time to ensure I was ok both financially and emotionally. She ensured I continued my studies and guided me to achieve my very best. Being the first in my family to progress to university, I am forever grateful for the continued guidance. It is reassuring that there is someone like Margaret who is happy to hear my story and embrace my passion. Her commitment to CEF is one of a kind and I cannot thank her enough! Margaret’s active involvement with CEF Grenfell showcases her true dedication to ensuring people like myself receive all the support they deserve. Thank you, Margaret.

Heather WalkerBachelor of Education (Technology and Applied Studies)

Margaret Carey has supported me through my degree, going above and beyond to ensure I’m managing my studies and my mental health through stressful periods of study/impacts from COVID restrictions. Through messages and phone calls, I know she is always there for me.

Grace KellyBachelor of Nursing


During this COVID dominated period, Margaret has inspired the committee to think laterally around fundraising.

Initiatives like securing 25% of gate takings at the rugby in exchange for CEF members managing the gate during the season.  Similarly using this activity to further educate the community about their work and great local students.

The committee has devised a sponsor donor program to enable volunteers to approach organisations, former residents, and businesses to contribute to CEF, supplementing traditional fundraising activities.


Our volunteers are vital to our organisation and we are grateful for everything they do for their community. This is our opportunity to showcase the support and impact an individual has thanks to the compelling nominations by fellow committee members and local students. Congratulations Margaret!


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