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Why living on campus is the best

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1. Sleep In!

When I talk to people about the fact that I live on student residence (or more fondly referred to as res) the first thing most people are jealous of is the fact we are so close to our classes. When it comes to an 8.30am Monday morning lecture, every second in bed counts.

Living close to classes is also a great safety net when you are first starting uni, I checked out all my room locations before classes started. Also, sometimes people make mistakes and misread their timetable thinking a 10.30am class is at 11.30. I did this in my first week and managed to get to class at a quick 10.37.


2. Independence

In the later years of school, I got the sweet taste of independence with spare periods, free to spend my time studying how I like or just chatting with my friends. Next thing I know I’m driving and have a full summer before uni starts to embrace this new freedom. But still living at home holds you back from feeling fully independent.

Living on res is great for living a guilt free adult lifestyle. If that means 2am Maccas runs and sleeping into the late afternoon, go ahead, the world is yours to nap through.

3. Socialising

For most of the first month living on res every single person I saw said hello and introduced themselves, it helped that I was living on college dorm style building designed for first year students. Then we had o-week which was amazing, with heaps of social events, some even being exclusively for first years and there was always a non-drinking alternative.

I was thrown into this new group of people, with a huge mix of people from all over regional Victoria, interstate and even international. One of the best parts was having a communal eating area where everyone just sat with each other and made conversation over breakfast.


4. Culture

I come from Ballarat with its one Myer and now two, yes, an unbelievable two cinemas, this means Melbourne feels huge. Sometimes this may seem a little scary but it also comes with major benefits. Shopping is more of a hobby, I know that I can be in the CBD in a short 15 train ride from Glenferrie. Also, this place always has something going on.

One of the best things I did when I moved was like a bunch of Melbourne Facebook pages so I always see when an upcoming donut festival or free outdoor cinema is happening. I also love that it is the public transport centre of Victoria.

No matter how much I love uni and res, sometimes there is nothing better than grabbing a train and being back in my hometown. In fact, after a while I came to enjoy the trip using it to nap or listing to podcast, eagerly waiting to see my family, friends and of course my dog.


Gemma Davidson is a second-year university student, studying a double degree in business and media and communications. She studies at Swinburne University of Technology and lives in the on-campus residences in Hawthorn, Melbourne. She originally relocated from a farm an hour outside of Ballarat. She is currently also a Residential Advisor, specifically the social and cultural development advisor.


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