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Tricks and tips to master uni open days

By July 12, 2018February 26th, 2021No Comments

Here are eight quick things to remember for when you take on a university open day or two:

  1. Take mum, dad, a sibling or someone you’re comfortable with.
  2. Don’t be shy – say hello to people, pick up brochures, ask for directions.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes – you will be walking around.
  4. Before you go have a look at the university’s website and see what they have on during the open day. Make a list of what you want to see (ie. what faculties interest you?) and do (ie. a dorm tour). One great example of this is Southern Cross University’s Open Days (they have an open day at each campus) page. Their programs are printable, and detailed. Click here to see their Coffs Harbour itinerary.
  5. Write down a list of questions you’d like answered – student representatives will be on hand during the day to answer.
  6. Look around you at the open day – do you like the campus? How does it make you feel?
  7. After the open day make a mental (or physical list) of pros and cons of the uni/campus/your feelings.
  8. Talk it over with someone you know who also went to the open day.


Southern Cross University Open Day

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